Angie Maserati

Angie Maserati

Angie Maserati; singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer…

Angie Maserati believes her purpose in life is to share her heart and soul through her music. Nothing gives her more joy than moving her audience with her passion for performing, touching them through the storytelling of song. “I feel the most alive when I am connecting with people through my gift, it’s an exchange of love and joy, it’s so beautiful.” Angie will have you smiling with her dance music and filled with emotion as she bares her heart and soul in a ballad. Angie has an unstoppable desire to share all that she is with the world, to let the light in her soul inspire people to believe in love and hope. “Music is like magic, it places memories in stone.”

Angie began singing as a child; it brought her peace and comfort in her unstable home. “I sometimes got in trouble for singing when my environment became tension-filled or violent, what was mistaken for being disrespectful, was really me escaping to my happy place.” Angie was infatuated like most young singers with Whitney Houston, “I would wear the lettering right off of the tracks, playing them over and over trying to be what I thought was the perfect voice and life to emulate. “ Angie has been told many times that she sounds like Whitney when singing a Whitney tune but has always stayed true to her own unique vocal sound. The colors and rich texture in Angie’s voice clearly come from a very special place. You will always know that you are experiencing her heart and soul. “My hope is that people who listen to my music or experience a show leave feeling more loved, hopeful and inspired; like they have made a new friend.”

Angie has played in the San Francisco Bay Area for years with various bands and is now enjoying a solo career in telling her own stories. Angie Maserati has two singles “New York” and “Cover Me” out currently and can be found on all digital music platforms; iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and YouTube as Angiemaserati and Angie Maserati. Angie’s website which will always have the most current information is, where you can also follow her on Instagram.