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What is Hip Hop? People to this day are still uncertain to exactly what Hip-Hop is or what it represents. Let me try to explain to you what Hip-Hop is to me. Hip-Hop is a culture, a state-of-mind, an expressive art, and a lifestyle that has transcended the normal constrictions of society. Its identity is symbolized through a few specific elements such as MC’ing, DJ’ing, Graf Art and B-Boying. It’s the emancipated style of music birthed through all predeceased styles of music that exist today such as Jazz, Rock-n-roll, and Pop music.

The origin of the Hip-Hop culture started in the early 70’s in the Bronx, NY by the figures such as Kool DJ Herc (The Father of the Hip-Hop Culture), Afrika Bambaataa (The Godfather of Hip-Hop), and Grandmaster Flash. It’s important to know where all of this came from before we know where it’s going, and believe me when I say, “it has come along way”. There was a time when these guys had started the culture where guys that had reputations of being involved with hardcore street gangs or just neighbor crews that did ruthless things to people, but they eventually turned their lives around for the better by being creative with their skills and talents in music, art, and dancing.

Holy Hip Hop is somewhat the same but the essential difference is Christ is the center of this culture, it’s this movement and it’s music. Instead of talking about 20 inch rims on a Lexus or how much cash rappers have in the bank, Holy Hip Hop artist and groups are talking about saving souls for the Lord and rapping about the bible. Holy Hip Hop is a form of music that the youth of today in our churches around the country are really starting to grasp on to because of the message and they can relate to the MC’s or the groups on their level and still get the message and the gospel at the same time. It shows them too that they can have fun and praise the Lord in church or in a church setting listening to their favorite Holy Hip Hop artist or group.

It was interesting to me to find out rappers were rhyming about Christ and the bible, I come from a strong Hip-Hop background and when I gave myself to the Lord at times it was hard giving up what I helped maintain for several years. When I found out about Holy Hip Hop it gave me a new perspective on the gospel and the music, which I should have had from the start because Hip-Hop is all forms of music in existence. The first Holy Hip Hop artist I heard was B.B. Jay this brother sound like the late Notorious “Biggie Smalls” when he rapped but his delivery was so clear you couldn’t help but hear every word he said and it was so profound that it made me want to hear more. In the year 2002, I had put on basketball tournament and during intermission I invited a couple of local artist that happen to be Holy Hip Hop artist from the area the groups were Men Of Praise from Oakland and Lil La La from San Jose, they wasn’t well received but it opened me up to say there must be a market for this music for real. I did some research on the Internet on Holy Hip Hop and man a lot of sites came up. My wife saw that I liked the music so much she bought me my first Holy Hip Hop CD and that album was called Urban Compositions put out by Rock Soul Entertainment and I put that album on for the first time, Son I was hooked on the first two tracks 1-2-3 and Issues, these kats put it down for real.

From there on I was really moved to follow the music and the movement closer and I continued to be introduced to more and more people locally that was doing their thing on the Holy Hip Hop side and one guy I was introduced to was DEE JAY DEE from San Jose, CA. I met him at a Holy Hip Hop concert at Jubilee Christian Center here in the San Jose area, he was involved with a youth ministry called Urgency and I met MC’s named KJ 52 this kid reminded me of Eminem he had a real cool flow and then my man DEE JAY DEE showed me mixed CD by this DJ named DJ Kutz from New Jersey, my home state back east. He let me hear his mix-tape called the Takeover and it was blazin’ it prompted me to buy it from DJ Kutz’s website. All I have to say is Holy Hip Hop has a place with me in many ways but the main one being, is I can still listen to the style of music I love, because it has a message of Christ whom I love as my Lord and Savior.

From a reliable source, I found out that Holy Hip Hop has been around for about 15 years according to my man Derrick Hannah CEO and producer of Rugged Cross Recording; Derrick also mentioned that Holy Hip Hop is constantly growing too. Derrick also mentioned to me some of the pioneers of Holy Hip Hop and such as Sean Slaughter, Everyday Process, J-Silas, Precise, Corey Red and the Idol Kings. I’m sure there are a lot more brothers and sisters that trail blazed Holy Hip Hop in different aspects but this was whom he recalled as pioneers. I give my man Derrick Hannah a shout over at Rugged Cross Recording at Until next month, be blessed. and remember that Jesus Christ is the center of all we do, so watch what you do or say to your follow man. God Bless you all.


Holy Hip Hop Artist Spotlight:

E.N.O.C. from San Jose, CA

E.N.O.C. stands for (Erasing Names Opposing Christ) not erasing people, but the spiritual battles we go through like erasing the Spirits of lust, the Spirits of envy. E.N.O.C. was born in San Jose California raised in Milpitas California.

E.N.O.C. has been MC’ing for 2 in a half years but, hip hop has been in his blood for awhile he started B-Boying (dancing and DJ’ing) he was inspired by artist like A Tribe Called Quest and DMX, but more so DMX said E.N.O.C. because you felt his pain he had passion in lyrics that really inspired me. E.N.O.C.’s biggest inspiration he shared with me was Christ, because he’s with me when I putting my lyrics in place and he’s with me when I’m ministering on stage. But the biggest joy E.N.O.C. shared with me was someone being touched by his music and giving his or her life back to the Lord that’s the ultimate feeling.

E.N.O.C. has an album called “I AM” that features “Many Sins”, “I AM” and “Crucify the Flesh” that’s blazing in the Bay Area of Northern California. His stage ministry is very unique too he’s like David in the Psalms because he has a conversation with the Lord before every performance in a spoken word type way.

For more information on E.N.O.C. go to or e-mail at Bryan Hobbs at 408-903-5267

By: Leo Brown