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With the popularity of Hip-Hop music in the world today and the ever growing social network exposure, we find so many people wanting to break in the music industry as an artist, DJ or Producer. Not to mention how much money these Artist make in endorsements and shows. That can be very incising for an upcoming Artist but at the same time it’s very deceiving too. Let’s look at an Artist like 50 Cent for example; most of the money he makes are through a lot of endorsement deals or business ventures that he own or run. In the beginning of his run as an artist he was known for battling or putting other Artist in check that may have talked about him on record, but keep in mind we are talking over 10 plus years or more. So riches and fame just didn’t happen over night. That’s why I say it can really be deceiving.

You have Secular artist talking about material things, women, drugs, or talking about being thugs. Whereas you have Christian MC’s or Rappers talking about the Kingdom of God, Jesus or life’s testimony on how they made through. But the burning question is, how can we tell the difference between Secular and Christian Hip-Hop? Let’s look closer into this and break this down to you my readers. People would argue that the beat makes the song, some people think that the lyrics make the song. For me though, in my opinion I feel both are just as important to the other. Secular Hip-Hop you may be able to get away with that but as it relates to Christian Hip-Hop, I feel in my opinion the lyrics are so important to the song more than the beat especially when you are talking to God’s People or rapping about God’s word. Also, the difference should be to who we glorifying when we are doing the music of the kingdom. The Secular artist make it crystal clear what they glorify in their songs but for the Christian Artist that artist focus should be on giving all honor to God, the Lord Jesus Christ and exhaling the Lord.

My readers are scratching their heads like Brother Leo, we know this already why are you bringing this out? My answer is not everyone know this across the board. I was asked by someone if Christian Artist should be making Mix-Tapes and my first answer was really a Mix-Tape Secular artist do that why are copying what those artist are doing. Then my follow-up answer was just put an EP, Album or Compilation. My thing was just don’t copy what the world is doing, we must be different. That also applies to how we record the music we do in Christian Hip-Hop. The beat of the song brings the attention to the song, but the lyrics man the words in the song should speak to the heart of those who lives we are trying to change. We must do things different in order to affect change in the lives of people that may not have a relationship with Jesus Christ or are going through something like depression, loneliness or whatever the case is.

As a DJ and a person that really appreciates the music of Christian Hip-Hop, it’s important that what I play helps people when they hear a certain song I play.

By: Leo Brown